Review: The Great Shelby Holmes

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The Great Shelby Holmes
by Elizabeth Eulberg

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Note: The Great Shelby Homes will be released on September 6th by Bloomsbury Children’s. A link to pre-order is included at the bottom of this review.


When I was a kid, I absolutely loved mystery books. I loved finding the clues along with the detectives and making my own predictions about how the book would end. As a teacher, I see that so many of my students love mysteries, but tend to lean towards other genres after they grow out of Cam Jansen and A-Z Mysteries. I was so excited to find The Great Shelby Holmes, because it fills a gap for middle grade mystery readers. With fantastic character development and lots of humor, I know Shelby Holmes will be a perfect next read for the mystery lovers in my class.

The Great Shelby Holmes tells the story of a spunky, awkward, and brilliant kid detective. The story is narrated by Shelby’s new neighbor, Watson, a former army brat who finds himself reluctantly tagging along on Shelby’s adventures.  Shelby and Watson work to solve the mystery of a missing pet, and they meet many neighborhood characters along the way.

There are many things I loved about this book, one of them being that it explicitly addresses race through the text and illustrations. Given the diverse cast of characters, many of my students will be able to find someone who looks like them in the book, which is such an important thing to many readers.

With witty dialogue, a fast-paced plot, and strong narration, The Great Shelby Holmes establishes a well-deserved place for itself on middle grade mystery shelves. Fans of the book will be thrilled to know that this isn’t Shelby’s last adventure; according to the author’s website, The Great Shelby Holmes is the first in a three-part series. I can’t wait to read more!

Book Information
Title: The Great Shelby Holmes
Author: Elizabeth Eulburg
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Release Date: September 2016
Price: US $16.99
Source: Twitter Contest

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