Review: When Penny Met POTUS

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When Penny Met POTUS
by Rachel Ruiz

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Happy Independence Day! I thought I’d celebrate by sharing a new book that explores one of our government’s most powerful acronyms. When Penny Met POTUS is a new book by Rachel Ruiz. Ruiz was inspired to write it after working for President Barack Obama and fielding questions from her daughter about “POTUS.”

The charming illustrations and sweet text tell the story of a little girl who tags along at her mom’s workplace. Penny is so excited to meet POTUS, and has some great ideas about who or what POTUS might be. The book includes references to Air Force One, the Secret Service, the Oval Office, and more. It’s a great introduction to what the job of POTUS is.

When Penny Met POTUS is a really cute read, and it will definitely earn a place on the shelves of primary classrooms. Happy reading!

Classroom Connections

  • When Penny Met POTUS is a great way to introduce the job of President to primary classrooms. Teachers can use sections of the book to address different responsibilities that the President has.
  • Looking for a read aloud for President’s Day or Inauguration Day? When Penny Met POTUS is a great fit!
  • Introducing acronyms to students? The term “POTUS” is a great example of how acronyms can be used to make communication easier. Think about how the term “POTUS” might be used every day by people who work in the White House.

Book Information
Title: When Penny Met POTUS
Author: Rachel Ruiz
Illustrator: Melissa Manwill
Publisher: Capstone
Release Date: July 2016
Price: US $15.95
Source: NetGalley – Advanced Review Copy

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Disclaimer: I received an Advanced Review Copy of this book from Capstone in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this review are my own. Thanks for reading!


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