Teaser Tuesday: The Martian

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Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly post challenge hosted by MizB of A Daily Rhythm. Each week, I’ll be posting a teaser from my current read!

A week and a half ago, I saw The Martian film adaptation in theaters. I absolutely loved it. Not being a science fiction person, I was so amazed at how this story was more about the human spirit than it was about space travel. Plus, Matt Damon was incredible.

I started recommending the film to everyone I knew, and when my mother (a librarian) said the book was popular at our local library, I flipped out.  I had no idea there was a book.

Now, I always read the book before seeing the movie. This was a notable exception. I was nervous about seeing if the book lived up to the movie instead of the other way around. My mom checked out the book for me and I read it in just a few days. Even knowing exactly what was going to happen, this book is an absolute page turner. The character of Mark Watney is so well developed that you feel like his log entries are written directly to you. The science behind everything is explained in a completely reasonable way, with honesty about its absurdity. The plot is thrilling and you won’t want to put the book down. Get your hands on a copy of The Martian as soon as you can, then go see the movie!

Teaser from p. 81 of The Martian:

“The screen went black before I was out of the airlock. Turns out the ‘L’ in ‘LCD’ stands for ‘Liquid.’ I guess it either froze or boiled off. Maybe I’ll post a consumer review. ‘Brought product to surface of Mars. It stopped working. 0/10.'”

Do you have a Teaser Tuesday to share? Comment below and I’ll be sure to take a look!


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