Hello world!

Thank you so much for visiting Miss Magee’s Reads. I’m so excited to share my reading discoveries with you via this blog. I’ve been reading book blogs for years and years, and I’m so happy to finally be creating my own. (I have to give a lot of credit to my friend Madeleine over at Top Shelf Text – she’s given me a lot of inspiration!)

Before I post my first review, I wanted to share a handful of my goals with you:

  • I want to discover books that empower both girls and boys. I love strong female characters of all ages, and those are the type of characters that little girls need to read about. As a teacher, I also recognize how important it is to find books that can empower boys with interest in reading, and I’m looking forward to finding those as I read.
  • I want to think deeply about how we can use books to change the world. Whenever I read a children’s book, I want to keep my mind on how I can use it in the classroom. How can I use a book to get a child to where they need to be, or where they want to be?
  • I want to remember to read for fun sometimes, too. That’s why I’ll be sharing some “Books for Grown-Ups” on this blog as well. First up: The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel.

If you’d like to subscribe, visit the sidebar on the right to receive email updates about my posts. You can also follow me on Instagram for a peek into my reading world. Thank you so much for reading and supporting me on this next adventure!


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